[uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] Name of Company (in Full) [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] Address (in Full) [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:4] Telephone [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:4] Email[/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:4] Fax [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12]With respect to the general provisions and the under listed Terms and Conditions for the participation at the Fair, I/We hereby apply to organizers for a Special Day.[/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12]1.Granting of Special Day is strictly at the discretion of the organizers and can be granted to any Exhibitor at the Fair.[/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12]2. Exhibitors applying for special day are expected to pay first one hour N300,000 and extra hour N200,000 for the use of the Central Pavilion.[/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] 3. Exhibitors who will require the services of media coverage should indicate: [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] 4. i. What day would you prefer for your Special Day during the Fair:[/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12]ii. Would you have Special Guests? [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] iii. If yes, give the name and particulars to enable organizers make arrangements for proper reception: [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]


    A. The Special Day program allows the Exhibitor’s goods and services to be specially projected on the day.
    B. The Organizer cannot guarantee that the date and time you choose will be available. However, an alternative day or time be offered.
    c. Reservation for the Special Day will be granted on first-to-apply basis.
    D. Use of the central pavilion for special day is compulsory.
    E. The Special Day fee covers the following: Chairs, Tables and Canopies Musical Systems, Power/Generators and DJ
    F. Refreshment uniforms for protocols (where applicable) is to be provided by the Company/Organisation having the special day.

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] Name and Position of Applicant [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:6] Signature and seal of applicant [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:6] Date [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]

    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:12] [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]