However, their names are soft and beautiful. What is GotoQuiz? Alligator (A reptile) 5. Rootworm Whitefly (A minute winged bug) SilkWing by Joy Ang It is a gender-neutral HiveWing name. This includes rests, genome, paralyzing toxins in their claws, teeth, boiling fair, and more. Below is a list of potential SilkWing names. Adeilie (French word, meaning noble) Algid (Cold) Artic (Counties around the north pole) Antarctic ; Aquilo (North wind) Your name is Hawkmoth. Dubia (Latin origin) meaning a roach with orange spots. It is a gender-neutral HiveWing name. Orthoptera (A cricket species) Such a name will hold your head up high among the others, and we too want the same. And maybe also a Rain/Leaf idk), Sea Cucumber (Not actually a plant but still funny), Turtlehead (Flower; also RainWing/SeaWing), Waterwheel (An underwater plant seen in the Poison Jungle), Zelkova (A type of tree that can grow near the water), Boa (Snake that lives in both rainforests and deserts), Hibiscus (Flower that grows in small desert jungle areas), Mulga (Nickname for a King Brown Snake, also a hardwood bush. Unsplash / Raquel Raclette. As we end this article, we hope that you have got your dream name for your Hivewing character. Thank you! Are you looking for HiveWing names from the book 'Wings of Fire'? I don't have a good guess. These combinations are very rare among these unknown creatures, but of course, they look awesome when these together form a hue. Tui doesn't even know yet (according to the trivia on the wiki). SkyWings are one of the seven dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. are u a red flag according to my friend which wednesday character are you (except im brutally honest) would i have a hallway crush on you? It is a gender-neutral HiveWing SilkWing name. ), Echidna (thought to be fireproof) (KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA HAS RETURNED MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER!!!! Might work for a Silk/Leaf/Night because aster/astr is a prefix meaning star), Butterfly Bush (Good for an OC with colored patterns! Makes sense for a Nightwing style name with Hivewing elements, and people don't even need to know about BSS to get it), Brightsting (Also SandWing or SandWing hybrid), Bullet Ant (An ant that causes one of the most painful bites), Deathwatcher (Beetle, also NightWing or HiveWing), Executioner (A type of wasp, please bold this somehow it broke for me), Pollux (Name of a star; resembles "pollen"), Blackberry (Also NightWing/RainWing or NightWing/SilkWing), Emas (If they have leaf speak then this would be perfect, means gold), Fogtooth (Perhaps an animus that likes to create fog), Hylophobia (fear of trees, is one of the most unusual phobias), Moonlace (Fictional nocturnal flower from the Percy Jackson series) (Good for a dragon who was a part of a story. Wireworm (Wormlike larva) This does not influence our choices. Caterpillar (The larva of a butterfly) Tiger (American origin) meaning a type of beetle. This is one of the main reasons why naming them is very difficult. What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. They have a combination of red, orange, yellow, and black shade. And if you like this article, make sure to share this with your loved ones. These are some cool and catchy names for rainwing. Toucan 4. Use them as you wish! Second. )(Might also be an Ice/Silk), Khons (Egyptian moon god who gambled moonlight [which is white like ice]), Lynx (A constellation as well as a northern animal.) In the book 'Wings of Fire', HiveWings are the first-class citizens of society. As for compounds, I have Starslider, Moongazer, Stardust, Moonstone, Moondust, Nightlight, Starlight, Nightstar, Nightdiamond. Also known as the Monkey-no-climb tree), Amber (Gemstone that sometimes holds bugs in it), Bullet (Might seem weird but its short for Bullet Ant), Elytra (Hardened shell protecting the wings of beetles) (Minecraft vibes? Silverclaws (male or female) Cresentclaws (male or female) Prism (male) Pangolin (male) (it's like an armadillo thing ok?) In fact she is half-SilkWing as shown by her colorful, mosaic-esque wing membranes and antennae on her head. I dont know if any of these names are actually from the books or not so my bad if they are! Create your Silkwing with these questions and we will create a fitting name for him/her! Cocona, a strong name for a tiger RainWing dragon. SeaWing/SilkWing Hybrid 16. Termite (A den insect) It is a male insect name. Parrot 2. They are a tribe ruled by females, mainly Queen Wasp. 9. Dragonfly is a gender-neutral HiveWing LeafWing hybrid name. Questions and Answers. All images with no credits to the creator or no text will be removed. If you notice one missing, please make a new section for that hybrid. Characteristics: These kinds of butterflies are smaller in size and are very quick to fly. ), Peleador (what they call a betta fish in Cuba, these are very aggressive when in a small area together, also very colorful), Platypus (they have venomous spurs in their feet I believe)(they do), Rainshower (Basically rain but with a shorter duration. Identification: The coppers, blue and hairstreaks are altogether known as gossamer-winged butterflies. 2.Cattail, a soldier under Queen Moorhen. Ladybug (A small beetle) Andrena (Strong) Roach Hivewings are the dominant clan among the three tribes of Pantala under the ruling of Queen Wasp. We will always aim to give you accurate information at the date of publication - however, information does change, so its important you do your own research, double-check and make the decision that is right for your family. Animals Bear Bee Bharal Bighorn Bird Birdy Catamount Chickadee Chickaree Chipmunk Chiru Cougar Coyote Crossbill Deer Dipper Eagle Elk Falcon Finch Fowl Frog Goat Grosbeak Grouse Hare Hawk Jay Jaybird Kiang Lammergeier Lizard Marmot Moose Mountain lion Mule deer Nuthatch Osprey Owl Ox Pika Puma . Name: Felix. The wings are streaked with the use of bright colours. It is a gender-neutral HiveWing SilkWing name. Everyone PLEASE add more names. Fairy wasps (Feathery wasps) Here are some cool, catchy, best, and more such lists of name ideas for your Hivewing character to choose from. Anasa (A genre of bug) Wings of Fire Names Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. These are some cool and best hivewing names and name ideas. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! (Lynx is canon, an IceWing and Queen Snowfall's friend), Merlinite (another name for blizzard stone i think, good for an animus because Merlin is a wizard), Phobophobia (Fear of fear)(Fear squad LOL), Somniphobia (fear of sleeping, cuz NightWings and IceWings have opposite waking hours), Temperance (maybe for a dragon that has a short temper, but its kinda like temperature! Your privacy is important to us. And his wing membranes are black but in the center there is streaks of blue, pink, and teal Nightshade (Old English origin) meaning a flowering plant of genus Solanum. Moonlight 28. 1. It is a female HiveWing SilkWing name. It is a male HiveWing name. Blizzard 9. Here is a list of 100+ cool male and female MudWings names to make your Wings of Fire tribe a unique one. Dumbledore (Old English origin) meaning bumblebee. Kidadl is supported by you, the reader. Whatever be the case, we will help you by being there by your side throughout the name-giving process. At Kidadl we pride ourselves on offering families original ideas to make the most of time spent together at home or out and about, wherever you are in the world. I know it starts with a s. I wonder what the actual names of the SilkWings are going to be (ex. Junebug (unknown origin) meaning beetles. ), Khaki (The Khaki Campbell duck; also the color khaki. ), Hawkfrost (Warriors vibe, good for dragons that loves flying), Hiss (hot water on ice hisses, can be good for a SandWing since snakes hiss), Krill (pink shrimp-like creature that lives in the waters of Antarctica), Nivalis (white flower; also RainWing/IceWing), Quartz (Like how quartz is white ad who can find it in the mountains), Snowpeak (Name of the snowy mountain in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess), Tarn (Lake in the mountains formed by glaciers), Blackfire (Good for mostly black and fire-patterned), Blackhawk (probably good for a dragon who likes flying), Bloodmoon (Natural phenomenon where the moon turns red or orange during a lunar eclipse), Bluefire (Good for a more blue and fire patterned), Brightnight (Like the brightest night, good for a dragon who was born under the 3 moons. ), Marbled White/Marble (Species of butterfly), Mothflight (there are even more warrior cats name lololol), Spiderleap (would've been a better name for Spiderleg warriors lol), Tiger (A black butterfly with yellow stripes. Portia Hercules (Greek origin) meaning glory of Hera. Antelope (A speedy deer) 6. Icicle 2. It was bright and sunny that day, and you were just waking up, stretching your arms, spreading your wings. It is a boys bug name. Vespa User: @Namid of the VoltiacWings. Who knows, if they were in the real world, they might have even ruled human beings. ), Atelopus (Brown rainforest frog with rough and bumpy skin), Capybara (minor canon, the leader of Thorns spies), Komodo (Also Mudwing, Night/Sea, Hive/Night, and Hive/Sea), Metalmark (Type of butterfly, also fits Silk/Mud), Python (Also Night/Rain, Sand/Rain, and Mud/Rain), Black Locust (Could be just Locust. These powerful Viking female warriors names include Brynhildr, Gunnr, Herfjtur, Alruna and Gondul. It is a HiveWing name for boys. It is a female HiveWing name for a queen bee relaxing on a leaf. Lyctus Thank you! ~Rainwing Name Generator~ Day of Birth 1. We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. With years of experience as a consultant for some of the most recognized companies out there, I want to pass on my knowledge and share tips that will help you craft an unforgettable name for your project through TeamGroupNames.Com! The Leafwing lost their lives in the same process, while the Hivewing tribe now enslaves the Silkwings. It is derived from the word scarabaeus. 2 Build an outfit and I'll tell you whether you'd impress me or not are you on my blocklist? Create your Silkwing with these questions and we will create a fitting name for him/her! Pineapple 5. It is a female HiveWing name that is even suitable for a jewel. Can be just Bullet or Ant. Also, please alphabetize the names. They have proved their worth a lot of times, And so it is your time to give them a deserving name for their actions. First. If I fix my microphone! NightWings are one of the seven tribes of Pyrrhia. ), Hoarfrost (What you call frost on leaves), Lichen (Slow growing plant that usually grows on trees and moss), Milkweed (A type of plant with little pink flowers that produces a white liquid when snapped), Mirror (Type of tree that has a IceWing-ish name), Nivalis (Another name for snowdrop flower), Pearlwort (one of the plants that grows in antarctica), Perennial (Plant that lives through the winter and lasts for two or more years), Antmarch (A song from Bee Swarm Simulator, played while participating in the Ant Challenge. It is a gender-neutral HiveWing SilkWing name. Chill 15. Apidae (Ancestors of social bees) Clover (Latin origin) meaning a low leguminous herb. ), Kingsnake (called the kingsnake or milk snake), Nepidae (sometimes called a Sea Scorpion, also good for Sea/Hive), Sail (a pun because boats have sails and so do Sandwings lol), Seaore (not a spelling error, just looks like seashore), Sobek (Egyptian god of crocodiles and/or the Nile River, depicted with a crocodile head. Click Venom (Latin origin) meaning poison. It is a gender-neutral HiveWing SilkWing name. ), Mapleshade (good for a leaf/night who keeps to themselves, also, no correlation), Bluemoon (Also NightWing/IceWing or RainWing/NightWing), Chinhae (Korean for "truth or depth of the frozen oceans"), Cranberry (Personally it sounds adorable), Galanthus (part of the scientific name for the snowdrop flower, Galanthus nivalis), Holly (Also good for a Ice/Poison since Holly can be poisonous), Polaris (Half of Aurora Polaris, The northern lights), Prick (That prickly plants and icicles are sharp) (Close to canon Prickle), Prism (a white crystal that can reflect rainbows), Snowblossom (Snow for IceWing and Blossom for RainWing), Snowdrop (Flower that blooms in early spring; also IceWing/LeafWing), Snowflower (Also IceWing/LeafWing and IceWing/RainWing), Taiga (A type of forest/tree that mostly grows in the tundra), Watermelon Snow (A type of snow that has algae in it, which turns it pink or red; also called blood snow), Yache (Berry from Pokemon that weakens one super-effective Ice-type attack, comes from cherimoya), Altas (A kind of moth, good for a strong dragon), Bluemoon (Also SilkWing, since it's a butterfly), Dawnwings (Sounds like a tribe) (Or a dragon with light colored wings. It is a gender-neutral HiveWing LeafWing hybrid name. Nightwing name generator ~ WoF Quickreader *|* Galaxyflight *|* Skystalker *|* Foeclaws Moonwinner *|* Darkspeaker *|* Galaxyseeker *|* Foestalker Silentbringer *|* Silverwatcher *|* Galaxyheart *|* Futurewinner Skyseeker *|* Morrowfinder *|* Futurewriter *|* Starbringer Secretstalker *|* Blackseer *|* Cloudslayer *|* Blackhunter Send Feedback about GoToQuiz, report a bug or error, make a suggestion. Beatrix (Late Latin origin) meaning traveler. They are named after moth/butterfly species. Belladonna; Bryony; Byblis; Cobra Lily; Hawthorn; Haze; Hemlock; Mandrake; Maple; Nettle; Odollam; Pokeweed; Sequoia; Sundew; Willow; Wolfsbane; Other Names. It is a HiveWing LeafWing hybrid name for girls. It is a female HiveWing SilkWing name. Below is a list of potential NightWing names. Also, wings and flight both represent freedom, and as we know, these creatures are free from this world of complications. So that the name given by you sparkles over others in that world of Hivewings. Butterfly (English origin) meaning a 'type of insect'. Color has yellow scales and looks like your typical HiveWing. Snowstorm 4. Check out the followings with the closest meanings. rizz quiz (test yo rizz) are you a W or an L?? If you use one of the names, please DO NOT remove it! I wonder what the actual names of the SilkWings are going to be (ex. It is a female HiveWing name. Wings of Fire Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. ), Salmonberry (Yellow-red berry; also SkyWing/RainWing), Sodalite (Blue stone/gem, good for Sea/Sky), Viperine (a kind of sea snake, all sea snakes are dangerous), Albus Aqua (Albus for short, means white water in Latin), Auk (A northern seabird. ), Arapaima (Largest freshwater fish in the world), Betta (Small fish typically kept as a pet), Blackbanded (a kind of sea snake, also sea/night), Cone Snail (Venomous Snail, also SeaWing/SandWing), Cucumber (like the vegetable and sea cucumbers, also RainWing/LeafWing or SeaWing/LeafWing), Fluorite (Colorful gems that can come in blue and purple, also RainWing/SkyWing/SeaWing), Koi (Tropical fish, works with a sea/rain/sky because they are often red and orange. Cicada (Insect with apparent wings) Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published. maybe also called sheepflies. ), Xiphactinus (Creepy extinct fish; Also SeaWing), Aqua (another term for water and a shade of blue), Bluetang (Type of a fish, also good for just SeaWing), Bluewing (a little on the nose but it works), Butterflyfish (Believe it or not, Rainbowfish and Butterflyfish exist), Calypso (Ancient greek divinity of the sea, also good for just a SeaWing), Menelaus (part of the blue morpho butterfly's scientific name, Morpho menelaus), Pipevine (The Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly), Polyp (What coral is made of) (Do not search up if you have a weak stomach), Seafly (Short for sea butterfly, a sea slug. Almond (The oval nutlike kernel) 4. What type of fictional character would you be? Without wasting any more time, it will be a better idea to dig into these lists and find your dream name. 100 Names of HiveWing | Male & Female Included Aphid (A plant suckling bug) Apidae (Ancestors of social bees) Anasa (A genre of bug) Abispa (Wasp insect) Arcana Antilion (Resembles dragonfly) Andrena (Strong) Boxelder (One kind of bug) Buzzard (A Turkey vulture) Bombardier Bumbie (Adaptability) Bumblebee (Hairy bee) It is HiveWing name for girls. Yellowjacket (A wasp) Trilobita These are some creative and unique name ideas for hivewing. North 26. These are some catchy and unique hivewing names. Please DO NOT add any canon names. This writing piece will give you 100 IceWings' names that will be strong for dragon names in the fire Universe. Ok, let's do this! Please DO NOT add canon names (Winter, Glacier, Tundra, Crystal, etc), and please DO NOT remove the names in this wiki. Please DO NOT remove the names in this wiki (unless they are canon). - name ideas Note: * Leave name fields blank if you want to generate random sibling names * Vinegaroon (Whip scorpion) Role: friend. Kidadl provides inspiration to entertain and educate your children. Amethyst (a gemstone for February children) Amber (Sand/Sky?) And that wants you to want, right? Description (Insert The Ref Here) - Abilities: SilkWing Abilities Coming Soon - Naming: SilkWing Names Coming Soon - List of Used Names: - List of Peculiarities: Albinistic - 0/3 Amputee - 0/3 Blind - 0/3 Deaf - 0/3 Deformations - 0/5 Flamesilk . Good for a pink SeaWing too! Birds, Features of the landscape, gemstones/minerals, shades of red and orange, words relating to flight or wind, and generic fire-related words. Citrus, RainWing name ideas like this are not to be missed. ), Firebrat (A type of insect that likes hot places. It is a girls HiveWing name. Well, these characters do not exist in the real world, and they have their imaginary world. Other old Viking names originate from female Viking goddess names. A hybrid's mother's features may be primarily dominant in the hybrid, as seen in Darkstalker, who looks more NightWing than IceWing. Yellow-faced (Old English origin) meaning insects with a yellow face. Please DO NOT add canon names (e.g. Ararat (A mountain) Aragats (A mountain in Armenia) Asperitas (A type of cloud) .
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